The Easiest Test You’ll Ever Take—Pure Culture Beauty’s Skin Test

by Сашка

At-home skin tests and customer skincare formulas can sound complicated and overwhelming, right? I thought so too, until I tried it for myself. Turns out, Pure Culture Beauty’s skin test is as quick and easy as described. Here’s my first-hand experience.

Getting the skin test

Pure Culture Beauty offers a free skin test with their Custom Cleanser, Serum & Moisturizer Kit. Once you purchase the kit, the skin test ships first, and your customer formulas (based on the test results) come later. This kit also comes at a special value price and helped me save major $$.

Activating the skin test

Once you get your kit, head to to activate it. To get started, enter the unique kit code and select Beautylish as the place of purchase. You’ll also be asked to enter contact and shipping information for your custom formulas.

The actual testing only takes about 5 minutes, and luckily, there’s no shipping back involved! There are two different test strips included—one for your skin barrier and another for your skin condition. For best results, Pure Culture Beauty suggests testing your skin in the morning, before cleansing or applying any products.

The Easiest Test You’ll Ever Take—Pure Culture Beauty’s Skin Test

Skin condition test

To test my skin condition, all I had to do was press one of the skin strips on my cheek and the other on my forehead for 5-7 seconds. Then, I just selected the images that matched my skin strips on the website.

The Easiest Test You’ll Ever Take—Pure Culture Beauty’s Skin Test

Skin barrier test

I started by dipping the colored end of the test strip in the activation liquid and pressed it onto my cheek for 20 seconds. Thankfully, there’s an extra strip just in case you need to re-test, phew! To get my results, I just had to select the colors that matched the test strips on Pure Culture Beauty’s site. Easy peasy.

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I submitted my results and moved on to my skin concerns. Pure Culture Beauty asked about my primary and secondary skin concerns, current skin condition, lifestyle, and skincare preferences—no fragrances for me, thanks. I was able to fly through the questions fairly quickly, in a matter of a few minutes.

The Easiest Test You’ll Ever Take—Pure Culture Beauty’s Skin Test

Your skin analysis

As soon as I submitted my answers, Pure Culture Beauty populated my skin analysis—including skin goals, skin stats, lifestyle and environment, and the key clean ingredients they selected for my formulas. I spent some time learning about the ingredients they picked for me, and they got to work on formulating my new skincare routine.

The Easiest Test You’ll Ever Take—Pure Culture Beauty’s Skin Test

Custom formulas

About a week later, I received my custom formulas—including a cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. It’s that easy! Pure Culture Beauty’s team followed up to see how I liked my formulas and were willing to work with me if something didn’t suit my skin or match my preferences.

I’m a few months in, and my skin has adjusted well to Pure Culture Beauty’s custom formulas. All three of my products have a light consistency, and none of them irritate my sometimes sensitive skin. Overall, my skin feels balanced and happy. I can still access my results and re-order products right from my account whenever I’m ready, although I’ll likely re-test soon to see how my skin shifts with the warmer weather.

Start your custom skincare journey with Pure Culture Beauty’s test kit here.

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