Try These 5 Best Body Oils for Visibly Toned Skin

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In the battle between firming body creams vs. toning body oils, you ultimately win.

Both deliver ultra-moisturized skin with enhanced elasticity, but in different ways. Go for creams and lotions if you’re looking for something that easily absorbs into skin with instant softening effects.

If a more luxurious feel that visibly tones with a noticeable sheen is more your thing, body oil may be right for you. The benefits stem from oil’s occlusive nature—it prevents transepidermal water loss by creating a hydrating barrier on your skin’s surface. Plus, we love the glow you get after applying.

Find our top picks for restorative body oils, specifically ones that stimulate microcirculation, strengthen, and firm up skin.

Try These 5 Best Body Oils for Visibly Toned Skin

Symbiome The Premise Postbiomic Body Oil, $95

Applying this oil is like hitting the reset button on your skin health from chin to toe. The sebum-like formula coats the body in a blend of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and naturally-occurring retinoids. Massage it into skin to enhance hydration, support barrier function, and guard against environmental aggressors. As if that weren’t enough, this multitasking pick adds fermented Pau Brazil oil to the mix. The key ingredient naturally promotes collagen and elastin production for smoother, tighter looking results.

Try These 5 Best Body Oils for Visibly Toned Skin

Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Body Firmeza Oil, $52

We recommend massaging on a pump or two of this pistachio and salted caramel-scented oil to unlock your best vacation bod. Not only does the Sol de Janeiro Guaraná Caffeine+ Complex (created with a combination of potent Brazilian extracts) stimulate microcirculation to visibly firm, the oil also helps noticeably de-puff skin upon application. It’s all thanks to the formula’s infusion of microalgae extract, which helps eliminate bloat.

Try These 5 Best Body Oils for Visibly Toned Skin

Augustinus Bader The Body Oil, $110

40 ingredients and 30 years of research went into this oil’s key ingredient: TFC8 or Trigger Factor Complex. TFC8 supports cellular renewal to reduce cellulite, stretch marks, and pigmentation while preventing transepidermal water loss. According to a clinical study where participants used The Body Oil, 94% agreed that the appearance of cellulite was diminished, and 92% said the look of their stretch marks were improved. With consistent application, results turn back the clock to reveal youthful, smooth skin.

Try These 5 Best Body Oils for Visibly Toned Skin

Embryolisse Beauty Oil, $30

Four vegetable oils come together in this pick’s formula to impart nourishing, strengthening, and toning benefits with a second-skin feel. On the Beauty Oil’s ingredient list, shea oil and pomegranate seed oil stand out as important ingredients for skin regeneration and fast-absorbing hydration. If non-greasy results with a head-to-toe (you can use it on your face and hair too!) glow is your thing, a few drops will leave you feeling satin smooth all over.

Try These 5 Best Body Oils for Visibly Toned Skin

Kjaer Weis Body Oil, $125

Infused with an organically grown, cold-pressed blend of oils, this citrus blossom-scented pick is as luxurious as it gets. It harnesses powerhouse ingredients like plumping ginkgo biloba and youth-renewing moringa oil, which encourage microcirculation to help tone up and slow signs of aging.

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