3 Tips To Make Boyfriend Blush Work for Any Face Shape

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I’m usually game for trying any and every TikTok-approved beauty trend, but nothing about “boyfriend blush” appealed to me. I couldn’t fathom how a lower blush placement could be flattering on any face shape. Little did I know, I actually ended up liking it and it’s become my new summer look—but only when done right. Here’s how anyone can make the boyfriend blush trend work.

Let’s start from the beginning, what is boyfriend blush?

Boyfriend blush is meant to mimic a fresh, natural flush—that we likely see on our boyfriends, real or imaginary. The term was coined because of an old photo of Princes Harry and William, post-rugby, that served as the ultimate inspo. While the technique may be new to TikTok, it’s been in editorial and on the runway for decades.

3 Tips To Make Boyfriend Blush Work for Any Face Shape

Applying boyfriend blush

To get the look, think about applying blush on the apple of your cheeks in a triangle (pointing towards your jawline) and blending downwards. The downward blend may sound terrifying, but I found it actually served as a contour of sorts, helping define my cheekbones.

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Plus, the lower placement gives a fresh, natural-looking flush that’s perfect for summer months. After all, it’s how we naturally look after spending a few hours in the heat.

3 tips to make boyfriend blush work for you

Apply for the everyday, not special occasions

Since boyfriend blush offers a more realistic flush of color, it works best with subtle, no-makeup makeup days instead of full glam occasions.

Go for creamy textures

Opt for a creamy texture instead of powder. Cream blushes work best for no-makeup looks, since they blend more seamlessly into the skin.

Pick the right shade

Avoid anything too glittery, shimmery, or vibrant to replicate a natural flush. Think pinks, reds, and dusty mauves rather than shades of orange and purple.

3 Tips To Make Boyfriend Blush Work for Any Face Shape

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Illustration by Christina Fung

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