Cheap Oodies to keep you warm and snug this season

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Looking for new ways to keep warm? An Oodie could be the solution. Shop our fave cheap Oodies and wearable blankets now.

It’s never been more difficult — or costly — to keep warm.

With the rise in the price of energy bills and the cost of living, when it comes to heating solutions, we’re allllll about thinking outside the square.

And Oodies are our latest obsession. 

First created by The Oodie company, they’re a combination of a blanket and a hoodie and are perfect for pulling on over the top of your winter warmers, workout wear, officewear or streetwear — while being super snuggly, to boot.

With countless brands and retailers now offering cheap Oodie alternatives, we’ve scoured the net to find you the most fun, funky and cheap Oodies and Oodie alternatives available. 

So, read on to discover your new favourite pull-on. 

Best cheap Oodies and Oodie alternatives

For animal lovers For millennials For the more understated  For couples and besties

Cheap Oodies in the UK 

Oodies are all the rage this season. Going viral on social platforms, they may be the latest fad but they’re also incredibly practical. Basically a type of oversized hoodie blanket, they’re generally made from soft flannel fleece, or plush polyester and come in a range of colours and patterns.

Shop our favourite original Oodies now 

Pioneers in the world of hooded blankets, the original Oodies are pure bliss and have been featured in major UK papers and distributors, including The Mirror, The Sun, Mail Online, Wales Online and The Manchester Evening News, to name a few.

Cheap Oodies to keep you warm and snug this season

Photo: The Oodie

Classic Oodies feature a soft fleece outer and snuggly sherpa interior, and size-wise are based on a traditional size 6XL hoodie — so they should fit most people. 

They also boast oversized kangaroo pockets in the front, perfect for tucking your keys and mobile phone inside during quick trips to the supermarket — or for keeping snacks at the ready during days on the couch (no judgement, whatsoever).

Sound good? 

Add an Oodie to your winter wardrobe, now.

For animal lovers

Cheap Oodies to keep you warm and snug this season

Photo: The Oodie

Panda Oodie

You save £53.40 (60%)£89

Get cute and cuddly in this cream Oodie, featuring adorable pandas and bamboo branches.

Both practical and playful it’s a surefire winner for all animal lovers out there.

Now, if you’re anything like us you may be a little sceptical about wearing such a light colour around the chocolate treats and glasses of wine you’re sure to indulge in — but no need to panic.

All Oodies are machine washable and fast to dry, so the days of stressing over spills are behind you. Phew.

For millennials

Cheap Oodies to keep you warm and snug this season

Photo: The Oodie

Avocado Oodie

You save £53.40 (60%)£89

The original Avocado Oodie is one to snap up quick.

After all, who doesn’t love an avo?

On toast, filled with balsamic vinegar, or on a fleecy hooded blanket — we’re keen! 

And this style is extra appealing on these cold winter days because it is 10% longer than most other Oodie designs — just think: extra warmth and snug factor.

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For the more understated 

Cheap Oodies to keep you warm and snug this season

Photo: The Oodie

Navy Oodie

You save £53.40 (60%)£89

Keen to wrap up warm but like to keep things more neutral in aesthetic?

Never fear. There’s still an Oodie option for you.

Though best known for its range of colours and cartoon-style designs, Oodies do come in classic colourways as well, our favourite being this navy blue option. Well suited to both women and men, it’s an easy addition to any and every wardrobe. 

For couples and besties

Cheap Oodies to keep you warm and snug this season

Photo: The Oodie

The Oodie Twin Pack

You save £79 (44.38%)£178

What better way to snuggle with your buddy or other half, than in Oodie sets?

Choose from a range of exceptional designs, all crafted from the same high-quality soft fleece and sherpa. 

Best of all? You don’t have to select the same design. So, each of you can curl up in your favourite style. 


Our pick of the best Oodie alternatives

While The Oodie might be the OG merchant and manufacturer of these trendsetting items, over the last three years a number of competitors have begun creating their own take on Oodies — and often at more affordable prices. 

We’ve pulled some of our favourite Oodie dupes, ready for your perusal…

For those looking for a plain Oodie dupe

Cheap Oodies to keep you warm and snug this season

Photo: John Lewis

Hi-Pile Oversized Lounge Hoodie

Lounge in luxury in one of these plain Oodie styles from John Lewis.

With a thermal flannel fleece exterior, they may be a cheap version of the OG Oodie, but you’ll barely notice the difference when snuggled on the sofa.  

Also available in a luxe oatmeal colour, we love these understated hooded blankets.  

For those mesmerised by mermaids

Cheap Oodies to keep you warm and snug this season

Photo: Amazon

Elonglin Mermaid Tail Blanket

A complete reversal of the usual Oodie style, for those more focused on keeping their legs and toes warm, we recommend these quirky mermaid tail blankets.

Similar to a sleeping bag in design, simply pull the blanket up around your torso and keep your toes away from the chill. 

Made from knit and crochet and available in a range of colours and styles, these blankets are another fun way of staying cosy during colder months. 

Where did Oodies come from?

Created by David Fogarty, an Australian entrepreneur in his 20s, Oodies first went viral in 2020 during the Covid pandemic, labelled by many as ‘the ultimate lockdown accessory’, according to 9News. 

Since their conception, Oodies have continued to grow in popularity with countless manufacturers now creating their own versions of the iconic garment. 

Oodies are considered to be a great way to keep warm during the winter season, particularly with bills and the cost of living on the rise.

Cheap Oodies to keep you warm and snug this season

Photo: The Oodie

Should I buy an Oodie?

In our opinion, there’s really no reason not to grab an Oodie.

They’re fun, fashionable, insanely comfy and practical, to boot.

Whether you opt for an original hooded blanket from The Oodie, or go for one of the UK Oodie dupes — both are great options for keeping warm this winter, and beyond.

Shop the top cheap Oodies and Oodie alternatives now

Keen to get cute and cosy?

Us too.

And, while it’s hard to go past one of the original Oodies, like the Avocado option or the Sloth design, we’re also totally here for the cheaper Oodie versions, with our favourite being the Hi-Pile Oversized Lounge Hoodie from John Lewis.

Not only do Oodies (and oversized hooded blankets) feel like you’re wearing a hug, they’ll also help you stay warm despite the rise in energy prices. 

Talk about a no-brainer. 

We might even buy two. 

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