The best jewellery boxes to keep your pretty shiny things

by Сашка

Photo (top right going clockwise): Wolf, Amazon and Stackers.

Go on, where do your rings and earrings end up at the end of the day? By the kitchen sink? In a pile on the bedside table? Whether it's costume jewellery or Cartier, it’s time we had a talk about your jewellery box situation.

The right storage is the easiest way to care for your beloved jewels — more on that in a bit — which is why we've hand-selected some of the best jewellery boxes to shop now. So move over you diamonds and pearls, it's the jewellery box's time to shine.

Best Buys top picks at a glance

Ideal for: Ultimate customisationIdeal for: Last minute touch upsIdeal for: Showing off your trinketsIdeal for: Lightweight travelling

Does a jewellery box reduce tarnishing?

A jewellery box won’t completely keep your gold, silver and other items from tarnishing but it can certainly help. Felt and velvet linings absorb excess moisture, which is the major culprit when it comes to tarnishing. So, if you store your items in a good jewellery box lined with one of these materials, it helps keep them from turning colours.

If you can’t fit an item in your jewellery box or you want to further protect special pieces, consider a felt pouch or wrapping it in a silver polishing cloth.

What’s the best way to store jewellery?

When it comes to filling your jewellery box, these are the most basic do’s and don’ts to follow:

  • Always make sure your jewellery is dry before storing it as moisture can cause excess tarnishing.

  • Separate your jewellery by different metal types to reduce tarnishing and scratching.

  • Costume jewellery can be stored in the open while fine jewellery should be kept out of direct sunlight.

  • Be consistent with where you store jewellery to reduce the risk of losing items you love.

  • Avoid plastic storage as it can negatively affect your gems and jewels, particularly pearls.

The best jewellery boxes of 2022

Now that's we've covered some of the basics of storing jewellery, let's get down to business. These are the top jewellery boxes that take keeping your jewellery organised, cared for and safe to the next level.

Ideal for: Ultimate customisation

The best jewellery boxes to keep your pretty shiny things

Photo: Stackers

Stackers Create Your Own Jewellery Box

Prices vary depending on size and style

Pros & Cons
  • Customisable

  • Available in three sizes

  • Wide range of storage options

  • Well-made and high quality

  • Can be pricey when purchasing multiples trays

  • Colours are discontinued occasionally

  • Can be difficult to access layers if at bottom of stack

Why it shines for us

Stackers have created what's possibly the most future-proofed jewellery boxes that can be tailored to nearly anyone’s needs. While Stackers offers a number of pre-selected sets, the Create Your Own Jewellery Box lets you combine your favourite of the brand's unique layering trays to build your perfect box. No matter the combo you go for, we recommend investing in a Jewellery Box Lid tray to keep your valuables dust-free.

Ideal for: Last minute touch ups

The best jewellery boxes to keep your pretty shiny things

Photo: Oliver Bonas

Gold & Glass Pink Round Dressing Table Mirror

Pros & Cons
  • Large base

  • Drawers vs. hinged lid

  • Bonus makeup storage

  • Ideal for vanity tops

  • Not suitable for all cosmetics

  • Unclear how adjustable the mirror is

  • More expensive than other options

Why it shines for us

Oliver Bonas is a go-to for perfectly dainty, yet practical organisation and this mirrored jewellery box is no different. Its brass and mirror design feels airy and unimposing so it’s a great piece for smaller vanities. It doubles as a makeup caddy ridding your countertops of further clutter. Unfortunately, it's unclear how adjustable this box's mirror which may be a downside for some. That being said, we think it's a wonderful space to dash on those crowning touches before heading out of the house.

Ideal for: Showing off your trinkets

The best jewellery boxes to keep your pretty shiny things

Photo: Nikuku

Bequai Wall Hung Jewellery Box

You save £10.40 (20%)£52

Pros & Cons
  • Ample storage for necklaces

  • Takes up no surface space

  • Mirror and brass design

  • Available in two sizes

  • No dedicated earring storage

  • Not suitable for all types of jewellery

  • Could have more finished fittings for hanging

Why it shines for us

There are some jewels you just want to show off all the time. If you can’t stand hiding your accessories away, this wall-hung jewellery box thinks outside, well, the box. With hooks for necklaces and bracelets and ledges for small trinkets, this Bequai wall piece becomes an ever-changing work of art. Handcrafted with brass, we love that this unique jewellery box is backed with a mirror that not only shows off your jewellery, but provides you with a mirror for finishing touches.

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Ideal for: Lightweight travelling

The best jewellery boxes to keep your pretty shiny things

Photo: Notonthehighstreet

Stitch Your Design Luxury Leather Jewellery Wrap, Chasing Threads

Pros & Cons
  • DIY personalisation

  • Well organised

  • Compact

  • Quite expensive for a jewellery wrap

  • Does not hold large quantities

  • Only available in one colour

Why it shines for us

If your sense of creativity is as strong and your wanderlust, this jewellery roll is a fun DIY project that’s ideal for your next trip out of town. In addition to stowing your valuables while on the go, Chasing Threads has designed this clever jewellery roll with pre-punched holes so that it can be embroidered. If you aren’t a sewing expert, don't worry! Chasing Threads includes pink and metallic thread options as well as a guide on how to sew initials or sayings like ‘Bon Voyage’.

Ideal for: Catching cufflinks and shirt stays

The best jewellery boxes to keep your pretty shiny things

Photo: John Lewis

Dulwich Designs Leather Windsor Cufflinks Box

Pros & Cons
  • Well-made

  • Lockable

  • Great for bedsides or vanities

  • Not large enough for most watches

  • More colour options or personalisation would be nice

  • Pricey

Why it shines for us

For the men that know how to accessorise, this jewellery box is an elegant way to keep cufflinks, tie clips, shirt stays and other small bits organised and safe. We love the timeless aesthetic of this box and the quality of its manufacturing. We only wish it was available in more colours of leather or that there was the option to personalize it with initials.

Ideal for: Those after a designer jewellery box

The best jewellery boxes to keep your pretty shiny things

The Bijou Jewellery Box in 'English Lavender' crocodile. Photo: Aspinal of London

Aspinal of London Bijou Jewellery Box

You save £140 (40%)£350

Pros & Cons
  • High quality and lockable

  • Personalisation available

  • Available in four colours

  • Travel size

  • Not suitable for larger pieces of jewellery

  • Quite expensive

  • No vegan leather options

Why it shines for us

Since its founding in 2001, Aspinal of London has become an iconic luxury leather designer. So, who better to turn to when you’re after a designer jewellery box? The smallest of Aspinal’s jewellery boxes, the Bijou is sturdy and lockable to help protect all your trinkets. While it isn’t specifically a travel case, it could easily be packed for your next city break. We love the attention to detail including the Aspinal shield, brass features and a tassel key.

Ideal for: Large jewellery collections

The best jewellery boxes to keep your pretty shiny things

Photo: Amazon

SONGMICS Extra Large Jewellery Box

Pros & Cons
  • 10 drawers for storage

  • Four drawer types

  • 4.5 star rating and 4,200+ reviews on Amazon

  • Quality may be an issue

  • Some might prefer more of specific tray types

  • Somewhat bulky

Why it shines for us

If you have an extensive collection of gems and jewels, you need the space to store them. And when it comes to this tower-style jewellery box, more truly is more. With two ring drawers, three 15-compartment drawers, four watch drawers and seven drawers without any dividers, it can house a lot of jewellery. With no hinged lid, consider adding a tray on top can become a good place to store bracelets or rings you wear on a daily basis.

Ideal for: Kinetic watch storage

The best jewellery boxes to keep your pretty shiny things

The Cub in 'Green'. Photo: Wolf

Cub Single Winder by Wolf

More colours available

Pros & Cons
  • Suitable for new and vintage watches

  • Delivers 900 turns per day

  • Bi-directional

  • Battery operated or AC powered

  • Available in a range of colours

  • Only holds one watch

  • Quite expensive

  • No display for timing information

Why it shines for us

This is perhaps the most exciting jewellery box to hit our list. Designed specifically for watches that require kinetic energy to keep time, this watch winder by Wolf ensures that your timepiece doesn’t slow. It’s the ultimate toy for those who love accessories. Once your watch is slipped into place, simply turn on the Cub and it delivers a precise 900 rotations per day. What sets this winder apart from the crowd is Wolf’s patented rotation mechanism that won't jostle your watch or rotate it too slowly.

Ideal for: On the go jewellery organization

The best jewellery boxes to keep your pretty shiny things

Photo: Amazon

LATIT Jewellery Travel Case

Pros & Cons
  • Compact

  • Accommodates a variety of jewellery

  • Hard, waterproof exterior

  • Snap closure

  • Cannot be locked

  • Larger rings and earrings may not fit well

  • Not all colour options are waterproof

Why it shines for us

Tried and tested by one of the Best Buys editors, this little jewellery travel case has earned a 4.6-star rating with more than 2,600 reviews on Amazon. Incredibly compact, our editor is impressed by how much jewellery this small case can hold. The quality of this travel jewellery box and its ability to keep things organised has pleasantly surprised us despite its super affordable price tag.

Ideal for: Beside trinkets

The best jewellery boxes to keep your pretty shiny things

Photo: Stackers

Small Rose Quartz Effect T-Bar Jewellery Stand

Pros & Cons
  • Holds most types of jewellery

  • Lipped base catches smaller items

  • Only available in rose quartz

  • Base can be cumbersome

  • Will not suit larger necklaces

Why it shines for us

Another pick from Stackers, this jewellery stand is an elegant piece to catch your rings, earrings and more. It’s a perfect addition to your bedside table or next to your sink to help you keep track of items you periodically remove for sleeping or washing your hands. We also like that there is a lip to the base to contain your smaller pieces of jewellery.

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