Makeup Artists’ Hack for Brighter Skin: Pink Setting Powder

by Сашка

Have you noticed the surge in pink setting powders? Translucent powders—usually thought to be neutral in tone—have turned rosy overnight.

While the shift may seem sudden, turns out makeup artists have been using tinted setting powders to color correct for decades.

Why choose pink setting powder?

Pink-toned powders help brighten the complexion and can be a gamechanger, especially for the under eye area. The best part? It’s multipurpose, so it’ll still help set your makeup, reduce shine, and blur imperfections—all while counteracting dark circles or dullness. Win-win.

The under eyes are a great place to start, but depending on your skin tone and the shade of the pink powder, you may be able to use it all over your face for a little brightness. Start with light layers to make sure it doesn’t change the look of your makeup.

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Finding the right pink setting powder

The right pink setting powder will depend on your skin tone, undertone, and how you want to use it. Even on my medium skin tone, I can use pink setting powder all over my face for a brighter, more youthful appearance. For a subtle look and multipurpose use, sheer pink setting powder is the way to go.

Makeup Artists’ Hack for Brighter Skin: Pink Setting Powder

Beautylish recommends:

  • Danessa Myricks Beauty Evolution Powder in Pink
  • Dominique Cosmetics Smooth & Blur Setting Powder in Rosita Brightening Pink
  • MOB Beauty Blurring Loose Setting Powder in Pink

Applying pink setting powder

You can apply pink setting powder the same as any other setting powder. For the under eyes, start in the lower inner corner and follow your lash line to cover the entire surface of the under eye area.

Pro-tip: try angling upward at the end for a more lifted look. For the rest of the face, apply as usual.

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