I Tried These 2 Moon Juice Sleepy Girl Mocktail Recipes and Slept Like a Baby

by Сашка

Apparently a combination of magnesium, cherry juice, and sparkling water over ice is THE cocktail for a restful night’s sleep. It’s called the “Sleepy Girl Mocktail,” and it’s all over my TikTok FYP.

As someone who has been wanting to reset her circadian rhythm, I was sold on the concoction’s muscle-relaxing and sleep-inducing properties. After filling my ice trays and stocking up on tart cherry juice, I was ready to sip my way toward hitting the hay earlier and staying asleep for longer.

In a few of the TikTok videos, I noticed users crushing magnesium tablets or letting them naturally dissolve into a sparkling soda and cherry juice mixture. Instead, I opted for Moon Juice’s Sleepy Magnesi-Om sticks.

These packets seemed like a no-fuss alternative, plus they come in yummy flavors, so no need for the additional flavored carbonation (and added sugar, which I’d assume peps you up a bit when you’re trying to unwind) featured in some of the recipes online.

Check out the Moon Juice recipes I followed, plus find out if these Sleepy Girl Mocktails actually put this girl to sleep.

I Tried These 2 Moon Juice Sleepy Girl Mocktail Recipes and Slept Like a Baby

Recipe #1: Sleepy Girl Mocktail

Serves 1


  • 1 tsp of Berry Magnesi-Om®
  • 2 oz tart cherry juice
  • 10 oz sparkling water

Combine Berry Magnesi-Om® and tart cherry juice. Top with sparkling water and ice. Sip in bliss.

My Thoughts:

I’ll be completely transparent about the taste—the tart cherry flavor takes some getting used to. Cherry juice is lauded as a natural source of melatonin, the hormone that helps improve your ability to catch Z’s. So, it’s a great addition to magnesium, if you like the taste.

Also, the coldness and carbonated nature of this trendy drink seems counterintuitive. Usually warm beverages are more soothing and trigger feelings of sleepiness compared with the invigorating sip of something ice cold and sparkling. I downed it anyway and curled up on the couch to watch a little TV around 9pm.

I felt oddly energized initially, but after about 15 minutes, my muscle tension dissipated. The formula contains magnesium acetyl taurinate to help alleviate PMS symptoms, which I happened to be experiencing (curse you cramps) before drinking the mocktail. After sipping, my pain dulled and actually disappeared.

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Soon after, I was fighting heavy lids. I went to bed at 10pm, mind you my usual bedtime is 12am (deadlines > sleep). I woke up at 6am, before my 7am alarm, refreshed and ready for an early start.

It’s thanks to the formula’s 3 bioavailable (quick and effective when absorbed into the body) forms of magnesium. Magnesium gluconate and magnesium citrate support muscle relaxation and healthy morning movements.

If you don’t like drinking tart cherry juice or a glass of cold bubbles before slumber, skip it and mix the berry-flavored magnesium stick into 12 ounces of room temp water to let the delicious (and zero sugar!) berry flavor shine.

I Tried These 2 Moon Juice Sleepy Girl Mocktail Recipes and Slept Like a Baby

Recipe #2: Sleepy Girl 2.0

Serves 1


  • 1 Sleepy Magnesi-Om® stick
  • 12oz sparkling water
  • Squeeze of lime

Combine ingredients, and top with ice.

My Thoughts:

11/10 for the blackberry flavor. As mentioned above, the whole cold, sparkling swig seems a little too ~energizing~ before bed. However, I gave it a gulp.

Once again, I was able to push up my midnight bedtime. I finished my drink around 9:15pm, felt sleepy by 9:30pm, and was in bed by 9:45pm. Morning came, and it was 6am once again. I didn’t even wake up once during the night. I was expecting to feel a little groggy but surprisingly didn’t experience the sleep hangover.

The non-grogginess of this nightcap comes down to the formula’s magnesium bisglycinate and magnesium gluconate, which support muscle relaxation and ease the body’s stress response while L-theanine (a stress-relieving amino acid) kicks in to support sleep quality. And I think the microdose of phytomelatonin, which decreases sleep latency, helped me rapidly fall asleep once I hit the pillow.

While both recipes improved my sleep patterns, I vote for Sleepy Girl 2.0 if you’re looking to kick-start your most restful sleep. In addition, this recipe’s 2 bioavailable forms of chelated, non-laxative magnesium won’t produce tummy troubles, like some forms of magnesium can. Cheers to a peaceful night’s sleep!

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