Broccoli May Be the Best Faux Freckle Tool on the Market

by Сашка

The beauty twist we didn’t see coming—TikTok’s latest trend has us rushing to the grocery store for none other than, broccoli. So, why is everyone adding broccoli to their makeup kits? Turns out, it’s the perfect (and likely cheapest) faux freckle applicator.

So, why broccoli? Turns out, the random surface of a broccoli head mimics real freckles better than any perfectly symmetrical tool.

Broccoli freckle shopping list

Ready to put broccoli to the test? You likely already have the necessary tools in your kitchen and makeup kit. To get started, all you need is a broccoli floret and any brown product—think bronzer, contour, or eye shadow. I personally found great success with a contour stick, as powdered bronzer seemed to start blending together after a couple of dabs.

Beautylish recommends Kevyn Aucoin The Contrast Stick or Nudestix Tinted Blur Sculpt Stick

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Apply broccoli freckles

When you’re ready to apply, simply dip the broccoli into your product (for powders) or apply stick or cream products directly to the broccoli head. Then, start stamping the broccoli across your cheeks, nose, and anywhere else for a natural-looking finish. You may have to experiment with your pressure, depending on how pronounced you want the freckles to look. Just a little blotting, and you’re done.

The verdict? These may just be the most organic looking freckles you could draw up. Plus, it saves me from needing to buy yet another tool and/or product. While some may say this could lead to food waste, I’m using one floret and eating the rest of the broccoli head, upping my green intake. Finally, a TikTok trend that left a good taste in my mouth—literally.

Broccoli May Be the Best Faux Freckle Tool on the Market

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