Comfy, stylish slip-on shoes to wear while travelling

by Сашка

Scared of being 'that' person at airport security? You know, the one caught having to awkwardly unlace boots to pass through the scanner?

Or maybe the thought of pinched toes, rubbing inners and sweaty soles during your travels, is making your skin crawl?

Either way, we’re with you.

Travelling to your favourite holiday destinations can be an uncomfortable business. So there’s no need to fuel the fire by wearing the wrong footwear. We’ve done our homework and selected the best, most comfortable slip-on shoes, perfect for both short and long-haul journeys, wherever they may lead.

Must-have slip-on shoes for travelling

For the trendsetting travellerFor the comfort-focussed travellerFor the laid-back travellerFor the adventurous traveller

For the trendsetting traveller

Comfy, stylish slip-on shoes to wear while travelling

Photo: Klekt

Adidas x YEEZY Pure Slides

When it comes to fashion fads and trendsetting, it’s hard to look past Kanye West. With his billion-pound Yeezy fashion line consistently making waves through the fashion world, it stands to reason that we would include his iconic Adidas x Yeezy slides in our round-up.

Made from super light, shock-absorbing EVA foam, these slides may look a little chunky but boy are they comfortable! Not only are these slides perfect for slipping on and off in airport security queues, they look awesome paired with everything from socks and activewear, to track pants and jeans – making them the ultimate accessory for fashion-savvy travellers.

Available in trendy neutral tones, grab your pair today and join the likes of The Weeknd, each of whom regularly rocks their Yeezy’s.

For the comfort-focussed traveller

Comfy, stylish slip-on shoes to wear while travelling

Photo: Schuh

Croc Classic Clog Sandals

Once a cringe-worthy shoe style, Crocs have cemented their status within the shoe industry thanks to their uncompromising comfort and durability. Designed with practicality and support in mind, whether you’re walking, queueing or kicking back in the car, these slip-on shoes with a handy heel strap are a cool and comfy option for travellers of all ages.

And the extra special bonus? You can personalise your Crocs with Jibbitz charms. While it might sound a little weird, this fad has blown up, with Justin Bieber even collabing with Crocs to create his own (sell-out) charm range. And yes, you’re not alone — we’re sensing Biebs has a love for comfy slip-ons that may match our own.

Comfy, stylish slip-on shoes to wear while travelling

Photo: Crocs

For the laid-back traveller

Comfy, stylish slip-on shoes to wear while travelling

Photo: John Lewis

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

Ahhh, ye olde trusty Birks. Anything and everything is possible in a pair of Birkenstocks. Though the classic Arizona style is the tried and true favourite, Birkenstock offers an array of equally comfortable slip-on styles in a myriad of colours – so you’re sure to find a pair that suits your sole.

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Whether you’re cruising through customs or adventuring across tarmacs and trails, the thick tread and supportive sole of these sandals will ensure your feet remain blissfully blister-free. And they’re great year-round too, with current trends almost advocating pairing them with high-top socks.

For the adventurous traveller

Comfy, stylish slip-on shoes to wear while travelling

Teva Midform Universal

Okay, so they’re not technically a slip-on. But, thanks to their Velcro technology, Tevas are super easy and efficient to pull on and off, so we thought we’d include them anyway. Why bother? Well, for starters, they’re incredibly comfortable. With thick rubber soles, Tevas are perfect for adventuring upon arriving at your destination.

Thanks to straps that are easy to release and tighten, Tevas can take on almost any activity. And as for longevity, they’re a winner as well. Capable of withstanding the harshest of conditions, you can wear them through water, across rocks, on cycling trips, hikes or simply paired with your favourite fluffy socks, we promise they’ll soon be your new best friend. Plus, they’re super lightweight and even come in funky multicoloured and platform styles, for those of you fashion-conscious folk.

For the athletic traveller

Comfy, stylish slip-on shoes to wear while travelling

Photo: Adidas

Adilette Slides from Adidas

As the world’s OG (original) slide, it would be amiss of us not to include the Adilette. First launched in 1972, these ever-trending, ever-comfortable slides are beloved by men and women across the globe. Pair with tracksuits, activewear, dresses, shorts and pyjamas (yep, we went there) – Adilette slides offer guaranteed comfort with their super soft footbeds. We love the navy blue and white stripe colourway for a crisp and clean variation on the classic black.

Why are slip-on shoes essential for travelling?

There are a few reasons, the first being: They’re a major timesaver. Instead of having to sit down and unlace sneakers or boots, slip-on shoes allow you to kick them off with ease as you move through airport security or settle into your seat whilst travelling.

The second reason we love slip-ons is that they’re usually more lightweight than regular shoes, making them the perfect travel accessory. No weighing you down or adding unnecessarily to your luggage.

And lastly: They’re super versatile. Not only ideal for wearing during your travels, but they’re also perfect once you reach your destination. Readily worn beach or poolside, our picks are also great for hiking, cycling, meandering or relaxing.

Our verdict

If a holiday is on your horizon, now’s the time to invest in a comfortable and stylish pair of slip-ons. Our favourite option will forever be the Birkenstock. Super comfortable and versatile, there’s nowhere you can’t wear these. Plus, with a range of colours and styles available, there really is a pair to suit every sole.

Or, if you’re after something a little wilder, we suggest opting for a pair of Crocs with personalised Jibbitz.

No matter your style preference or travel requirements, invest in some slip-ons today to save yourself time and hassle – and save your feet from discomfort and blisters. They’re a win-win sole-ution.

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