10 cardigans that won’t make you look like a granny

by Сашка

While we all love our grandmas and their crinkly old-lady style, just because cardigans are a staple of their wardrobes, doesn’t mean they don’t have a place in our own closets. 

Far from being frumpy, shapeless, unflattering pieces that old people throw on when they’re cold, cardigans are versatile alternatives to jerseys and pullovers,  that can add a bit of pizazz to any outfit. Available in a myriad of shapes and styles, pair them with dresses, jeans, trousers, skirts… you name it, they’ll work with it — and there’s a style out there for everyone. 

Plus, they’re the equivalent of a hug in a piece of clothing. So, if you haven’t already — add some cardis to your wardrobe today. 

10 must-have cardigans to add to your wardrobe

1. For something simple and classic 2. For a super soft white cardigan3. For a preppy feel4. For dressing up

1. For something simple and classic

10 cardigans that won’t make you look like a granny

Photo: Marks and Spencer

M&S COLLECTION Crew Neck Button Front Cardigan

There is nothing quite like a black cardigan to say classic and chic and this is the perfect example of one. Featuring a crew neckline, soft to the touch viscose material and a relaxed fit, this knit piece will have you falling in love with its simplicity. A black cardigan is a must-have in any closet; it's simply the best.

How to style it: There's no doubt black goes with everything and this piece is no different. Wear it with jeans, smart trousers, skirts, or whatever your style of the day requires. Follow this link for tips on styling your cardi with cargo pants. 

2. For a super soft white cardigan

10 cardigans that won’t make you look like a granny

Photo: ASOS

ASOS Fire & Glory Soffi Heart Button Fluffy Cardigan in Pink

You save £10 (23.81%)£42

In a fun pink hue and as bright as your future, this fluffy cardigan will add a pop of colour to any outfit while keeping you cosy, no matter the weather. We especially love this for its comfort and cuteness, which has earned it major style points — and a lot of compliments to boot. Plus, there is nothing better than a soft and fluffy cardigan when it comes to layering and embracing the wintery weather.

How to style it: For an effortless yet totally chic look, pair it with black leather pants or a leather skirt. Alternatively, read here to see how to style it with your favourite mom jeans.

3. For a preppy feel

10 cardigans that won’t make you look like a granny

Photo: Hollister

Hollister Crop Cardigan

You save £21.01 (60.03%)£35

There's no denying that preppy cardigans are in right now and since they aren't going anywhere anytime soon, it's about time you got your hands on one. Featuring a vintage blue and white pattern along with a flattering V-neck, this cropped piece will add a touch of understated femininity to your wardrobe.

How to style it: Throw the cropped cardigan over tie-back babydoll dress for a fashionable yet cosy look or pair it with a crop top and jeans for a casual fit.

4. For dressing up

10 cardigans that won’t make you look like a granny

Photo: River Island

River Island Blue Stripe Longline Knit Kaftan

This crochet cover-up looks like it was just taken fresh off the runway, making it a perfect piece for any occasion, be it a night out or brunch drinks. Why? It's all about the fine details. Featuring a vibrant blue colourway, fine knit work, longline and sultry three-button open tie-up design, it's bold, beautiful and what every girl needs.

How to style it: Make this cardigan the focal point of your look by pairing it with a animal print crop top or bralette and high-waisted trousers. We personally love it with classic white jeans, as seen on the model.

5. For pretty and oversized pastels

10 cardigans that won’t make you look like a granny

Photo: boohoo

boohoo Blurred Pattern Oversized Cardigan

You save £39 (70.91%)£55

Doesn’t every piece feel cosier when it's oversized? It’s true. And this soft cardigan from boohoo fits the bill perfectly. With its oversize slouchy-yet-feminine design and gentle, easy-going colourway this is a cardi sure to complement your day-to-day outfits. If extra coverage is what you're looking for, its longer design and fitted sleeves will satisfy.

How to style it: Make the most of this pretty cardigan by wearing an all-white outfit under it. 

6. For a designer chunky knit cardigan

10 cardigans that won’t make you look like a granny

Photo: Net-a-Porter

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Farm Rio Two-tone Cotton Jacquard Cardigan

Vibrant and full of character, this unique piece stands out from the rest. We’re talking tropical inspired patterns, a playful two tone design and bold colours. With long sleeves, ribbed cuffs and a longline design, this abstract piece is full of life and embodies fashion in every sense of the word.

How to style it: Wear this piece with a black leather skirt or a pleated tennis skirt for a unique and bold look.

7. For a vintage feel

10 cardigans that won’t make you look like a granny

Photo: LightInTheBox

Women's Cardigan Embroidered Pocket Button Sweater

You save £15.81 (29.38%)£53.81

Cable knit has long held its place within the world of woollen attire and this cute and quirky cable knit cardi is no different. With its vintage cream base, dashes of colour and bold embroidery, it’s a surefire way to make a statement. 

Also available in red and pink, this undeniably stylish, chunky cardigan is sure to keep you cosy on chilly days and features spacious pockets to keep your hands warm.

How to style it: For the ultimate “casual vintage gal” aesthetic, pair it with black leggings or blue distressed jeans and a knit sun hat.

8. For a work-appropriate fit

10 cardigans that won’t make you look like a granny

Photo: Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencers Knitted V-Neck Pointelle Cardigan with Wool

There won’t be a granny in sight when it comes to this stylish, slim-fitting, corporate-styled cardigan. A lightweight piece perfect for indoors, with intricate knit stitch details and a spread collar, this navy piece is the epitome of office-appropriate attire. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring. With its demure V-neck, fitted sleeves and scalloped trim, this cardi expresses a subtle yet sophisticated sense of style. So, if boss-babe chic is what you’re after, this piece is a sure bet.

How to style it: Combine the cardi with a pair of wide-leg denim trousers for an effortless, sophisticated work-ready look.

9. For a super soft, cashmere cardi

10 cardigans that won’t make you look like a granny

Photo: John Lewis

John Lewis Cashmere Cardigan

You save £17.80 (20%)£89

Looking for a little luxury? Then this cashmere cardi is for you. Renowned for its luxurious softness and smooth feel, this high-quality cardigan from John Lewis uses extra long fibres, spun uniquely for them from ethically-sourced regions of China and Mongolia. Complete with mother-of-pearl buttons and available in classic and easy-to-match colours, this is a must-have timeless yet modern wardrobe staple.

How to style it: Something this classy instantly elevates any look. So, whether you’re pairing it with black smart trousers for a formal look or with blue skinny jeans for an easy everyday look, you’ll exude elegance and confidence.

10. For a long cardigan

10 cardigans that won’t make you look like a granny

Photo: PrettyLittleThing

PrettyLittleThing Charcoal Maxi Knitted Cardigan

Do you see what we see? Yep. A Skims loungewear dupe if there ever was one, this charcoal-coloured long knitted cardi is not just ultimately cosy, it’s ultimately fashionable.  

When the weather turns chilly, a longline cardigan is the perfect cosy piece to snuggle up in. Designed in a soft, relaxed fit and grey shade, this wrap offers both comfort and fashion in spades.

How to style it: In true Skims style, envelope yourself in cosiness by combining it with its matching halter crop top and a pair of knit shorts.

Top tips for choosing the perfect cardigan style

After being blessed with all the beauty and magnificence of a variety of cardigans, now it's time to give you a little extra guidance to help you choose the very best one. So, think about these key features when picking your next staple piece.

  • Fitted or oversized? The design of fitted cardigans makes them perfect for formal occasions or even the office, while oversized, chunky knits are ideal for a relaxed, laid-back look.

  • Patterned or plain? Plain cardigans are your best bet if you want something you can wear every day and dress up or down with ease. If you want something that stands out, a patterned piece will always do the trick.

  • Long or short? What length do you want for your perfect cardigan? For a casual and modern look, opt for a cropped cut. For greater coverage, go for a longline or oversized piece.

  • What’s the occasion? Since we already established that cardigans are incredibly versatile pieces, you can wear them with and to anything, whether it be a casual day-to-day look or a party-proof ensemble. But you might need different options for each, so plan carefully — and maybe grab a few options!

  • How will you style it? If looking for a cropped cardigan, we suggest pairing it with high-waisted jeans, skirts, or even wear it over a dress. Oversized cardis, on the other hand, work well with wide-leg trousers, leggings and loungewear.

  • Final fashion verdict 

    Our love of cardigans is growing and we think everyone needs to get involved in this timeless fashion trend. The beauty of cardigans lies in their versatility; they’re real gems of cosiness whilst remaining chic, and for that, we can’t fault them. In honour of its ultimate fluffiness and style, our editor recommends the ASOS fluffy white cardigan . If you're looking for something chic and on-trend, Hollisters' cropped piece is just the thing. Last but not least, classic black cardigans always go with anything and make the perfect everyday piece.

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