What’s the best period-proof swimwear? These 6 pieces get our vote

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In recent years, the taboo of talking about periods has slowly subsided, and we’ve seen a rise in the understanding of menstruation and how to assist women in managing their monthly cycles.

With this increased awareness, brands have begun creating reusable period products like moon cups, absorbent underwear and period-friendly swimsuits, each of which reduces waste, promote a more sustainable lifestyle and offer greater flexibility during a woman’s cycle.

And it’s about time.

If, like us, you’re ready to take the plunge and enjoy a refreshing swim or relaxing soak in the spa, no matter your time of the month — we’ve got you covered.

Read on to shop our hand-selected wrap-up of the best  swimwear for periods this season.

THAT time of the month? Shop swimwear you can rely on

Best full piece Perfect for holidays Black briefs you can rely onDesigned for heavy days

Best full piece

What’s the best period-proof swimwear? These 6 pieces get our vote

Photo: WUKA

WUKA Period Swimsuit

Designed for: Moderate flows (15ml = 3 tampons or 2 day pads)

Listed as one of the best eco-friendly sanitary brands by British Vogue, WUKA has revolutionised the world of period clothing and the options available in the UK.

And a look at their classic swimsuit shows why. 

Offering three special layers including: 

  • Water-repellent fabric tor keep you from leaking into the gusset

  • A moisture-wicking and highly absorbent lining to keep you dry

  • A soft-to-the-touch outer layer so your skin can breathe

The overall shape and design is so perfectly sleek, no one would guess this one piece is capable of some serious protection. In fact, depending on how heavy your flow, you won't even need a tampon with this swimsuit — it’s able to absorb up to 15ml of menstrual blood.

Best of all? This one-piece swimsuit feels and slips on like a standard piece, so just because your body is going through its monthly motions, it doesn’t mean you have to be comfortable or restricted in the process. 

You’ll feel as free as you usually do in your swimwear. 

WUKA also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your first pair so if, within 40 days, you're not happy with its fit, feel or absorption power, you can exchange it or get a full refund.

Perfect for holidays

What’s the best period-proof swimwear? These 6 pieces get our vote

Photo: Modibodi

Modibodi Swimwear Recycled Hi-Waist Bikini Brief

You save £8.70 (30%)£29

Designed for: Light to moderate flows (10ml = 1-2 tampons)

Vibrant, uber-cool and flattering, these funky briefs are the perfect solution for being holiday-ready during your time of the month.

While they’re party-ready on the outside, they’re packed with practical features on the inside, designed specifically for menstruation.


  • A concealed inner lining that can absorb light periods or bladder leaks

  • A thick high-waisted waistband that hugs your body and keeps you secure as you move

  • Full coverage across your buttocks, so all your crucial bits are covered 

These period pants from Modibodi stand out in terms of their both funky style and impressive functionality. Thanks to being made from recycled materials, including the finest and softest Australian wool, they don't skimp on comfort either. 

And with a chrome-resistant fabric, these briefs are more durable than standard swimsuits, boasting the ability to stand up to chlorine, wear and tear, colour fading and shape loss. 

These pants, along with their reversible matching tops, offer all the features you need for a relaxing getaway during your period.

Black briefs you can rely on

What’s the best period-proof swimwear? These 6 pieces get our vote

Photo: Amazon

OVRUNS Period Swimwear Leakproof Bikini Brief Bottoms

Designed for: Light to medium flows (1-2 tampons)

Black briefs are often a gal's go-to when it comes to being comfortable during her period, and these swimwear bottoms will make the collection complete.

A must-have for women (especially those who are postpartum), these pants are perfect for tackling everything from bleeding to bladder leaks and spotting.

With a design that offers:

  • Aquaphobic fabric that prevents liquids from entering or leaving 

  • A fast-drying absorbent liner that prevents odours related to period blood 

  • UV50+ rated fabric for extra sun protection

These cute and comfortable bikini bottoms are available in four block colours and two sassy animal print options, for those with a more playful style.

Designed for heavy days

What’s the best period-proof swimwear? These 6 pieces get our vote

Photo: La Redoute

La Redoute Recycled Period Triangle Swimsuit

You save £26 (40%)£65

Designed for: Heavy flows (Up to 3 tampons)

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Don't let heavier periods stop you from having fun. Instead, stay confident wherever you are with a swimsuit that suits your needs.

This swimsuit made from recycled materials is equipped with three layers of protective fabric that can soak up to three tampons worth of liquid. Yep, this design is perfect for those heavier days you may otherwise have avoided the water.

Plus, it boasts further attractive features, including:

  • A flattering v-neckline

  • Wide adjustable straps for support 

  • A padding and underwire-free design that accentuates your natural shape

La Redoute has created a swimsuit that ensures you’re as comfortable as possible,  when you need it the most. Whether you have painful cramps or a heavy flow, this swimwear won't feel too tight on your lower stomach.

What’s more, if you do need to use a tampon or menstrual cup for added protection, thanks to the swimsuit's discrete design, no one will be any the wiser.

For show stopping style

What’s the best period-proof swimwear? These 6 pieces get our vote

Photo: Debenhams

Dorina Aqua Moon Naja Period Swimsuit

You save £13.60 (40%)£34

In black

Designed for: Light flows (10ml = 2 tampons)

Love being the star of the show? Well, being on your period shouldn’t stop you. 

And this sexy plunge swimming costume is proof.

Featuring a drop-dead gorgeous design, including:

  • Stunning scarlet red colourway

  • An elegantly low-cut neckline

  • A flattering tummy-shaping effect 

This bathing suit is sure to make you feel as good as you’ll look whist on your period.

With its quick-drying microfibre materials, this chic one-piece provides period protection for light flow volumes of up to 10ml, so you can take to the pool as many times as you like without having to worry. 

Plus, its halterneck straps mean there will be no slippage as you swim, while its padding can be removed for personalised support, shape and coverage. If you want to look good while remaining protected on your cycle, this suit may just give you the confidence boost you’re after.

For teens and pre-teens

What’s the best period-proof swimwear? These 6 pieces get our vote

Photo: Modibodi

Modibodi RED Recycled Swimwear Bikini Brief

Designed for: Light to moderate flows (10ml = 2 tampons)

Specifically created so that younger girls can feel more confident and comfortable throughout their period, and can go about their usual daily activities worry-free.

Amen to that. 

Providing additional protection against leaks on lighter to more moderate period days, these pants can be worn solo, under shorts or even layered under other swimwear suits for more coverage.

Their simple black colourway means your gal can stay worry-free about any visible stains whilst the design intentionally provides complete coverage of her buttocks,  so any accompanying pads or tampons will remain hidden.

These briefs also pair well with almost every bikini top. Keep it simple with a black tankini for a swimming lesson or jazz it up with a colourful bikini top for a fun-filled day at the beach.  

Several reviewers also noted that their children felt less nervous about leaking while wearing these briefs. So, if you’re looking for a starter piece for a teen, these are the swim bottoms to invest in.

What exactly is period swimwear and how does it work?

According to Flo Health, period swimwear is just like a standard swimsuit but is designed with ‘a hidden lining that helps absorb menstrual fluid and protect against leakage’.

It's a great option for those who don't want their period to interfere with their day-to-day activities, especially when it comes to swimming or other activities in the water.

The majority of period bikinis and swimsuits don't require you to wear a pad, tampon, or cup thanks to their absorbent and moisture-wicking layers, but certain suits do have room for them if needed.

Should you jump on board with period wear?

If you're just discovering period underwear and swimsuits, you may want to try them out on light to medium-flow days or wear them along with your usual sanitary products until you become more comfortable with them.

Pro tip: If you want to extend the life of your period-proof swimwear, rinse it immediately after taking it off. Then, wash it according to the retailer's instructions.

What’s the best period-proof swimwear? These 6 pieces get our vote

Photo: WUKA/ Debenhams

What is the top swimwear for periods?

While every swimsuit has something unique to offer, there are a few that perform well for different purposes.

The Modibodi RED Recycled Swimwear Bikini Brief is a great option for young teens getting used to their periods, thanks to its full coverage design and discreet black colourway for extra peace of mind.

Meanwhile, the La Redoute Recycled Period Triangle Swimsuit is one of the best period swimwear for heavy flow days as it can be paired with a tampon or menstrual cup for foolproof leak protection.

Finally, if you’re looking for a black all-in-one suit that you can depend on for comfort, protection and durability, the WUKA Period Swimsuit just might be the right choice for you.

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