12 thermal socks best for keeping toes toasty warm this winter

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Cold weather doesn’t have to mean cold feet. Shop the best thermal socks here and keep your toes toasty all year round.

As the temperatures drop, it is time to think about keeping warm. 

And, with most of our body heat being lost through our heads and feet, one of the most effective ways of retaining heat is by investing in a pair of the warmest winter socks around.

Luckily, there’s a plethora of options — and they’re cute to boot.

From the warmest socks for cold feet to cotton and merino options, shop our round-up of the best warm socks for men and women now.

Your feet will thank you later.

The 12 warmest socks for winter

The warmest men’s socks

The warmest men’s socks

12 thermal socks best for keeping toes toasty warm this winter

Photo: London Sock Company

Merino Trio, 3-Pair Box

  • Quantity: Three pairs

  • Made from:  85% Merino wool, 15% polyamide

Wool-blend fabrics are hard to beat when you’re looking to keep your feet warm and dry. And Merino wool stands out as a preferred blend at that. 

Designed to be worn as dress socks or more casually with weekend wear, this trio of mid-calf length socks should be a staple of every man’s wardrobe.

Naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic and breathable, despite being lightweight these Merino wool socks will help to keep his feet warm in the winter and cool in warmer weather. 

Plus they’re machine washable and even come with a 12-month warranty — something that’s almost unheard of for socks. 

12 thermal socks best for keeping toes toasty warm this winter

Photo: Uniqlo

Pile Lined Socks

Or three pairs for £12.90

  • Quantity: One pair

  • Made from: 79% cotton, 11% polyamide, 9% polyester, 1% elastane

Aligning with current trends of old school-style sports socks (we’re looking at you, adidas) but with a conveniently wintery twist, these Pile Lined Socks from Uniqlo are ideal for keeping your feet warm on weekends. 

Paired perfectly with your preferred white trainers, these chunky knit cotton socks offer cushioning and a cosy factor we’re sure all men will appreciate this winter.

12 thermal socks best for keeping toes toasty warm this winter

Photo: Sock Shop

Ribbed Wool Boot Socks with Smooth Toe Seams Men's

  • Quantity: Two pairs

  • Made from: 38% polyester, 35% wool, 17% acrylic, 5% nylon, 3% viscose, 1% cotton, 1% elastane

If you are looking for the warmest winter socks based on practicality and comfort, these are a great option. 

With their heavy blend of polyester, wool and acrylic, these thick socks are ideal for wearing with boots through winter, not only providing cosy warmth but comfort, too. A standout feature of these warm men's socks is their smooth seamless toes, which help to ensure no rubbing against stiff work shoes or boots. Meanwhile, their standard cuff design ensures that these thick socks don’t slip down, making them a secure and snug choice.

We also appreciate the marl twist yarn that adds a traditional touch to the modern design.

12 thermal socks best for keeping toes toasty warm this winter

Photo: Amazon

Heat Holders 3 Pack Multipack Mens Insulated Thermal Socks 

  • Quantity: Three pairs

  • Made from: 91% acrylic, 5% polyamide, 3% polyester, 1% elastane

Boasting over 3,000 positive reviews and an average 4.5-star rating on Amazon, it would be remiss of us not to mention Heat Holders in our round-up of the warmest men’s socks.

Made from an innovative thermal yarn and finished with a thermal brushing process, these are designed to provide insulation from the cold, whilst being moisture-wicking at the same time.

They also boast an impressive 2.34 TOG rating – meaning they should keep your feet up to seven times warmer than when wearing traditional cotton socks. 

Piqued your interest? We’re not surprised.

They also come in 16 different colourways and patterns, so there’s sure to be an option to suit every wearer’s style.

12 thermal socks best for keeping toes toasty warm this winter

Photo: John Lewis

SmartWool Hike Classic Full Cushion Crew Socks

  • Quantity: One pair

  • Made from: 66% Merino wool, 25% recycled nylon, 8% nylon, 1% elastane

Choosing the best thermal socks is a critical component of a comfortable winter adventure. Enter: the SmartWool Hike Classic Socks.

One of the warmest socks for winter, these snug crew-style options boast full cushioning that adds welcomed warmth and protection — perfect for embarking on frigid hikes (or keeping cosy at home). 

Featuring flat knit toe seams and elasticised arch braces, they’re comfortable within structured boots and provide additional support when you need it.  

Not only are these delightfully warm hiking socks, but they’re also eco-friendly.

SmartWool is also a proud advocate of sustainable and socially responsible sourcing, meaning only ZQ-certified Merino wool (which ensures animal welfare and environmental safety) was used in the making of these socks. 

Talk about hitting the trifecta: these are warm, comfortable and sustainable to boot.

12 thermal socks best for keeping toes toasty warm this winter

Photo: Snow + Rock

Falke SK1 Comfort Men Skiing Knee-High Socks

  • Quantity: One pair

  • Made from: 44% polypropylene, 24% acrylic, 20% wool, 7% polyamide, 5% silk

If you’re hitting the slopes this season, you’ll definitely want to add a pair of these babies to your bag. 

Meticulously crafted to the needs of skiers, each sock includes thick cushioning in the heels and toes, as well as along the shins and ankles — not only helping with warmth but also preventing rubbing against ski boots.

But it’s their three-layer construction and Merino wool blend that seal the deal for us. 

Designed for moisture management and to keep your toes and soles dry, even during the most intense runs, these socks are also breathable and odour-resistant. Their seamless toe box is just the icing on the cake.

We know they’re designed for the snow, but we wouldn’t blame you for donning a pair with your wellies on winter walks, either. Warmth like this shouldn’t be saved for the slopes!

Our favourite warm women’s socks

12 thermal socks best for keeping toes toasty warm this winter

Photo: Lavender Hill

Cashmere Socks

Or two pairs for £71

  • Quantity: One pair

  • Made from: 85% cashmere, 15% nylon

One of the silver linings of winter weather is shopping for luxuriously cosy items (that can be completely justified due to the need to keep warm). 

And it’s items like these gorgeous cashmere socks from Lavender Hill that we immediately add to our bag.

Super soft and cuddly in texture, not only will you feel like you’re walking on a cloud in these, but they’ll be a godsend to anyone suffering from perpetually cold feet, too. 

And there are seven chic colours to choose from as well. 

Yep, they’re definitely the best thermal socks we’ve come across for women.

The only downside is they’re not machine washable, but we wouldn’t expect such luxurious cashmere to be.

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12 thermal socks best for keeping toes toasty warm this winter

Photo: Marks and Spencer

3pk Sumptuously Soft Thermal Socks

  • Quantity: Three pairs

  • Made from: 88% viscose, 11% polyamide, 1% elastane lycra

The Sumptuously Soft Thermal Socks from Marks and Spencer are undoubtedly some of the best thermal socks available. 

Using Heatgen technology to retain and circulate your body’s heat, these keep your feet insulated, whilst absorbing moisture to ensure they remain dry as well.

This nifty tech, combined with their incredibly soft fabric and flexible fit (due to a little added stretch), means these socks are perfect for warding off cold feet. The three-pack gives a wonderful choice of colours, each featuring a traditional twist cable design. This not only adds a touch of style but also ensures they are equal parts practical and fashionable. 

12 thermal socks best for keeping toes toasty warm this winter

Photo: Marks and Spencer

2pk Max Warmth Thermal Geometric Boot Socks

  • Quantity: Two pairs

  • Made from: Slight difference between pairs, but generally 46% acrylic, 36% polyamide, 16% polyester, 1% elastane, 1% metallised fibres

Another winning style from Marks and Spencer, these Geometric Boot Socks are even warmer than the Sumptuously Soft ones.

Crafted from a thick thermal yarn, they’re perfect for donning beneath your winter boots or wellies — protecting your toes from the chilliest of weather.

Another bonus of this choice is their Freshfeet technology

Designed for odour control, this tech will help keep you feeling fresh even after long periods of wear — something we see as a major bonus, particularly during freezing wintery days when removing your socks may be avoided.

We also love that the pack consists of two styles; a cable knit and a Fair Isle print, making them a fashionable statement sock not just a warm winter accessory.

12 thermal socks best for keeping toes toasty warm this winter

Photo: Sock Shop

Gentle Grip Patterned Bamboo Socks

  • Quantity: Three pairs

  • Made from: 77% viscose from bamboo, 17% polyester, 1% elastane

Extravagantly soft, gentle on the skin and undeniably cute, these bamboo socks are some of our favourite warm socks for winter.

The inclusion of bamboo fibres means that not only do these socks help with thermoregulation, but they’re great for those with sensitive skin that may be irritated by more coarse wools, and even boast antibacterial properties — helping to combat odours. 

Yes, despite their innocuous (and rather innocent) appearance, the fibres of these babies are hard at work to keep you comfortable throughout the day. 

What’s more, they include a gentle grip around the calf, ensuring they stay in place without digging into your skin. 

The cherry on top is their reinforced heels and toes that will help them last through the season and beyond — as well as their cute patterns and prints. Who wouldn’t want to rock one of these stylish socks with their favourite trainers, boots or loungewear this winter?

12 thermal socks best for keeping toes toasty warm this winter

Photo: Sock Shop

Heat Holders Lounge Cosy Slouch Socks Ladies

  • Quantity: One pair

  • Made from: 54% acrylic, 42% polyester, 3% nylon, 1% elastane

One look at these and you just know they’re going to be some of the warmest winter socks around.

Boasting Heat Holder’s classic looped cushion inner which traps warm air and body heat, circulating it for lasting comfort and cosiness, these socks will soon be your favourite for lounging around the house. 

And we don’t just mean during winter.

With their fleece yarn edges ever-so-chicly slouching around your calves, these socks will look super cute (in a ‘just-fell-out-of-bed’ way) paired with shorts during warmer weather, too. 

And you won’t have to worry about slipping and sliding around the house in these socks, either. They feature a practical non-slip grip sole in the form of cute heart emblems and the words ‘…and Relax…’ — a clear instruction to simply slip into these extra warm socks, get cosy and unwind. Don’t mind if we do!

12 thermal socks best for keeping toes toasty warm this winter

Photo: Snow + Rock

SmartWool Women's Ski Targeted Cushion OTC – Ski Socks

  • Quantity: One pair

  • Made from: 100% Merino wool

Constructed from 100% Merino wool, these knee-high socks are a must-have for skiers and cosy-seekers alike. Designed to keep you warm in the most frigid of weather, they’re also breathable, temperature regulating and quick-drying in nature, assisting in not only your skiing performance but general comfort in the cold.

Padded toes and heels, body-mapped mesh zones for extra breathability and cushioning and nearly seamless toes are brilliant extras that make for a more comfortable wearing experience. 

Oh, and the use of durable Indestructawool technology helps to ensure these socks stand the test of time as well. While they may be a more expensive option, they’re designed for hardwearing and should last. 

FAQs about the best thermal socks

What are the best and warmest socks?

The best and warmest socks are those made from materials that provide excellent insulation, such as wool or thermal yarn. 

They should also have a comfortable fit and be designed to retain heat effectively, as is the case with the styles included in our round-up.    

How to layer socks for warmth?

Layering socks for warmth involves wearing a thin, moisture-wicking sock as a base layer to keep your feet dry, followed by a thicker, insulating sock as the second layer to trap heat. However, it is important to ensure that your shoes or boots can accommodate the extra bulk without becoming too tight, as this can restrict circulation and actually make your feet colder.

Why do socks not keep my feet warm?

If your socks are not keeping your feet warm, it could be due to a few reasons.      

Firstly, the material might not be insulating enough. Materials like cotton can absorb moisture and lose their insulating properties when wet. 

Secondly, your socks might not be thick enough to provide adequate insulation. Lastly, if your socks are too tight, they can restrict blood flow to your feet, making them feel colder.

What are the best waterproof socks for cycling, hiking etc?

The best waterproof socks for outdoor activities like cycling and hiking are those that not only keep your feet dry but also provide good insulation and breathability. 

While our list focuses on warm thermal socks generally, the knee-high ski options from Falke and SmartWool are excellent choices for hitting the slopes, and SmartWool also offers great options for hiking.

Why are wool socks the best?

Wool socks are considered the best because wool is an excellent insulator. It can retain heat very well, keeping your feet warm even in the coldest temperatures. 

Additionally, wool can absorb a high amount of moisture — up to 30% of its weight — meaning your feet stay dry, enhancing comfort.

What material makes the warmest socks?

Materials that make the warmest socks include wool, especially Merino wool, and thermal yarns. These materials are excellent insulators, meaning they can trap heat effectively. 

They also wick moisture away from the skin, helping to keep your feet dry and comfortable and are breathable to boot.

Which are the best thermal socks overall?

After reviewing a range of thermal socks available, two stand out as our top picks. 

Lavender Hill’s Cashmere Socks make for an indulgent and cosy choice for women. Available in a range of chic colours, they’re super soft, luxuriously warm and are sure to be enjoyed year-round.

Meanwhile, SmartWool’s Hike Classic Full Cushion Crew Socks impressed us by combining warmth, comfort and sustainability, making them an excellent choice for the outdoorsy environmentally conscious shopper. Treat your feet to some cosy, warm socks today and say goodbye to cold feet.

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