One-third of cars sold in the US were subcompacts or compacts. By 2016, only about 10 percent of cars sold were subcompacts or compacts. Meanwhile, the number of large trucks, SUVs and crossovers on the road have steadily increased. This trend has been driven by consumer demand for larger, more spacious vehicles that offer more comfort, versatility, and convenience.

However, the trend towards larger cars has created a growing problem for drivers, as they increasingly find themselves struggling to park in the spaces that were designed to accommodate the previous generation of cars. The standard parking space dimensions have not changed, but cars have gotten wider, longer and taller. In many cases, the average car now exceeds the dimensions of the typical parking space. This makes it difficult to park accurately, and also increases the risk of damage to both the car and the surrounding structure.

Despite the growing size of cars, the parking industry has been slow to adapt to the changing times. Parking garages and lots continue to be designed with the same standard dimensions, resulting in spaces that are simply too small for many of the cars on the road. In some cases, the parking spaces are so tight that drivers are unable to open their doors fully or maneuver in and out of the space. This is particularly problematic for those driving large trucks, SUVs, and crossovers.

The problem is particularly acute in urban areas where parking is already at a premium. In cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, parking garages and lots are often cramped and poorly designed, making it even more difficult for drivers to maneuver in and out of spaces. This not only leads to increased frustration and stress for drivers, but also increases the risk of accidents and property damage.

In conclusion, it is clear that the problem of cars being too big for parking spaces is real, and is becoming increasingly widespread. Despite this, the parking industry has been slow to adapt, and the standard parking space dimensions have not kept pace with the growing size of cars. As a result, drivers are facing increased difficulties in finding spaces that are big enough for their vehicles, and the risk of damage to both cars and the surrounding infrastructure is increasing. If the parking industry does not take action to address this issue, it is likely that the problem will continue to worsen, and that drivers will continue to face growing difficulties in finding parking spaces that are big enough for their vehicles.

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