I Tried the Jolie Filtered Showerhead for 3 Months & Here’s What Happened

by Сашка

There are countless products that promise to improve our hair and skin concerns, but could the issues be stemming from none other than water itself? It’s no secret that the quality of water varies across the country. Drinking water is bad enough, but many of us contend with issues such as chlorine, harmful minerals, and heavy metals in our water that can be harsh on our bodies—causing everything from dry, flaky, irritated skin to hair shedding and breakage. Jolie designed their best-in-class filtration using a proprietary blend of KDF-55 and calcium sulfite, so your beauty routine can start with clean water.

Since our skin absorbs water—and everything it contains—this was at least worth a try. I’ve been using the Jolie Filtered Showerhead for three months, and here’s my honest take.

Design aesthetic

As much as I value my wellness, a filtered shower head had to match my home aesthetic. Luckily, Jolie’s shower head features a sleek, modern design and comes in an array of colors to match any home’s vibe.

I Tried the Jolie Filtered Showerhead for 3 Months & Here’s What Happened

I Tried the Jolie Filtered Showerhead for 3 Months & Here’s What Happened


Once I picked the Jet Black Filtered Shower Head to match my decor, it was time to move to the next step. I’m anything but handy, so the installation was intimidating to say the least. To my surprise, installing the Jolie shower head is as easy as Jolie makes it seem. It really does just screw in, and the shower head comes with everything you could need—a cute wrench, plumber’s tape, and easy-to-follow instructions (for once!). Plus, the universal shower head is designed to fit any shower in the United States—in less than 10 minutes.

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Post-installation, Jolie recommends a filter change every three months, and their Replacement Filter Subscription keeps me on track to replace on time without missing a beat.


I’m happy to report the adjustable shower head offers a chic and modern look—without compromising on water pressure. You can also adjust its angle. Now, the most important part—does it really make a difference? Yes! After three months of consistent use, I’m happy to report I’ve noticed improvements in both my hair and skin quality.

Less hair breakage

I have fine, thin hair that is prone to breakage. After a few months, I noticed a reduction in hair breakage, both in and out of the shower. Not to mention, my oily scalp feels less greasy, and I can stretch out an extra day in between washes. My hair feels soft, smooth, and much more manageable.

More nourished skin

As far as my skin is concerned, it’s usually dry and eczema-prone. Since installing the Jolie Filtered Showerhead, I’ve had fewer eczema flare-ups, and my skin feels less dry and tight. It feels like my skin absorbs moisturizer better than ever, with lasting hydration.

In addition to visible benefits, it’s important to keep in mind that our skin is our largest organ, and our skin absorbs the water we shower in. I’ll take every opportunity I get to reduce the chance of absorbing chemicals, toxins, and contaminants. Even without the visible results, for me, this is an investment worth making for overall wellness.

I Tried the Jolie Filtered Showerhead for 3 Months & Here’s What Happened

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