5 Products for Penelope’s Radiant Glow, Inspired by Bridgerton

by Сашка

Whether you’ve followed all three seasons of Bridgerton religiously or have yet to even get through one episode, you’ve likely heard about Penelope Featherington and her astonishing makeover in the latest season.

While some can argue that focusing on and investing in our physical appearance is a waste—whether it be a wardrobe filled with the right colors (think: color theory) or the right makeup shades and beauty tools—Penelope’s metamorphosis is the prime example of how experimenting and ultimately finding the right look can work wonders.

In Bridgerton’s Season 3, Penelope traded in her tight curls for looser, siren-like waves. She switched from wearing bright, stark colors and floral patterns to softer, deeper tones that better complement her fair skin tone and red hair. She swapped formless dresses for fitted corsets. She also opted for luminous makeup that accentuated her features while maintaining a natural look. From sultry eyes to pouty lips and a lit-from-within glow, she decided to enhance her features instead of trying to hide or change them.

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The difference isn’t just in her appearance itself, but in her overall demeanor. Instead of the clothes swallowing her, she’s wearing them. Instead of trying to fit into outfits, the garments flatter her. In the end, she possesses more confidence than ever, not only to attract a husband but also to find beauty in all that makes her, her.

Transitioning from wallflower to center of attention wasn’t a seamless transition, but it was well worth stepping out of her comfort zone and creating a new one altogether. If you’re inspired to experiment with some new products or just want her flawless skincare prep and makeup look, here are five products that contributed to her striking glow.

5 Products for Penelope’s Radiant Glow, Inspired by Bridgerton

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  • BY TERRY Baume de Rose
  • Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand in Pinkgasm
  • Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk
  • Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise in Rose Gold

Illustration by Megan Badilla

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